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 About Angela

 “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”

Canadian photojournalist –Ted Grant


On a true journey to become a modern-day Renaissance woman, a journey I absolutely enjoy! I’m a forward thinker and a free-spirited person, always looking to ride the wave of interesting or exciting. Being a creative person, I’m able to find creativity in so many different areas in life. I am a mother of 3 wonderful, super humans and that’s what keeps my creative juices flowing. I have taken many photos of them throughout the years that I often go back and look at.  Photos can hold a special place in your heart. Good, bad, ugly...all photos tell a story and bring up all kinds of emotions within each person. This is the reason I wanted to explore my creativeness through photography. 


My photography style is photojournalism.  I began taking photos 10+ years ago, as a way of making keepsakes for myself to look back on years later. Our memories can start to fade, and photography has the magical effect of instilling in me where I was, and more importantly, how I felt when I pressed that button on my camera. I get a real joy from seeing people enjoy my photography; it’s indescribable. 


As a music manager working within the music industry for almost all those 10+ years, I found a real love of being able to capture so many amazing talents as they were working. Whether it was writing music, recording songs, producing records, or even just holding a creative conversation, I knew it was a moment I should capture. They were in their natural environments just doing what they loved, and I was in mine, which always made for great results. My thoughts have always been, you can understand the story within an organic candid photo a lot more than a “posed” photo. A “posed” photo can pull you away from that moment you are trying to create something amazing, as a “candid” photo allows you to keep being creative and never breaks up that mental space that you are in. 


Being able to capture “unpredictable” moments is something I have always been drawn to. Those are the moments that we cherish when we are looking back on those pictures.  I love to capture and collect these random yet defining moments of humanity and everyday life. There’s something extremely honest and straightforward about photojournalism, street and lifestyle photography.  It is a special way of defining culture and making sense of the world around me that I have been very passionate about ever since I moved to Atlanta Ga and started to work in the music industry back in 2012. 

My love for being behind the camera has only grown very much over these past years.  

Let’s shoot!


I hope you enjoy looking through my lens as much as I do. Thank you for stopping by my page:) 

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