About Me

 On a true journey to become a modern day Renaissance woman, a journey I absolutely enjoy! I’m a forward thinker and a free spirited person, always looking to ride the wave of interesting or exciting. Being a creative person, I’m able to find creativity in so many different areas in life. I am a mother of 3 wonderful, super humans and that’s what keeps my creative juices flowing. I have taken many photos of them throughout the years that I often go back and look at.  Photos can hold a special places in your heart. Good, bad, ugly...all photos tell a story and bring up all kinds of emotions within each person. This is the reason I wanted to explore my creativeness through photography. 


My photography style is, photo journalism.  I began taking photos 10+ years ago, as a way of making keepsakes for myself to look back on years later. Our memories can start to fade and photography has the magical effect of instilling in me where I was, and more importantly, how I felt when I pressed that button on my camera. I get a real joy from seeing people enjoy my photography; its indescribable. 


As a music manager working within the music industry for almost all of those 10+ years, I found a real love of being able to capture so many amazing talents as they where working. Whether  it was writing music, recording songs, producing records, or even just holding a creative conversation, I knew it was a moment I should capture. They were in their natural environments just doing what they loved, and I was in mine, which always made for great results. My thoughts have always been, you can understand the story within an organic candid photo a lot more than a “posed” photo. A “posed” photo can pull you away from that moment you are trying to create something amazing, as a “candid” photo allows you to keep being creative and never breaks up that mental space that you are in. 


Being able to capture “unpredictable” moments is something I have always been drawn to. Those are the moments that we cherish when we are looking back on those pictures.  I love to capture and collect these random yet defining moments of humanity and everyday life. There’s something extremely honest and straightforward about photo journalism, street and lifestyle photography.  It is a special way of defining culture and making sense of the world around me that I have been very passionate about ever since I moved to Atlanta Ga and started to work in the music industry back in 2012. 

I left the music business back in 2018, but my love for photographing music and all other creatives stills takes place today. Let’s shoot!


I hope you enjoy looking through my lens as much as I do. Thank you for stopping by my page:)